Pick Your Seafoods

Raging Crab starts you off with a high quality selection of fresh Seafoods. Choose from our juicy Blue Crab or if you prefer Dungeness Crab you can get that too. Any way you want it we have exactly what you need from Crawfish to Clams. Our great seafood selections are offered at market price to ensure you are getting the freshest catch from our seas.

Pick A Seasoning

Now that you have selected you fresh catch we are going to need to spice things up a bit. Raging Crab has three flavoring options available. Lemon Pepper combines the refreshing tastes of citrus with a touch of peppery spice. This combination is a long time favorite among seafood lovers. Garlic Butter sauce is the marriage of two of everybody’s favorite flavors… enough said. Raging Cajun is our spicy flavor packed Louisiana inspired seasoning, it’s a little sweet and a little heat.

For the undecided Raging Crab has a solution for you… The Works! Our best selling seasoning is the combination of all of our flavoring choices. The Works was inspired by grade school test, you know the ones where you didn’t know the answers so you just circled in “All of the Above!” The Works is a with watering sensation and it taste so good over a rice. An awesome complement to you meal.

Pick Your Spicy Level

You remember the saying “Some like it hot?” Raging Crab can adjust the spice level on our flavoring to match you taste buds. Choose how spicy you want it and we’ll take care of the rest. Be a little courageous, go for a little bang in you bite and wash it down with a refreshing Beer or Soft Drink.

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